• Deploy a Database to Azure

    How to migrate a SQL Server database to Azure SQL Server by exporting and importing a bacpac file.

    I'll show you how to do the same but in a single run.

    1.Create an Azure SQL Database

    2.Deploy a Database to Azure

    Deploying a SQL Server database to a Microsoft Azure SQL database, can be achieved in SSMS by right clicking in the database name and want to migrate choose the following..
    • SSMS by right clicking in the database name > Tasks > Deploy Database to Microsoft Azure SQL Database.
    • The option will open the Deployment wizard. Introduction page click on the Next >> button.
    • The Deployment Settings, Click on the Connect button 
      • Connect to your Azure SQL Server.
      • Then provide the new database name. Will use the same HRM databas, but need to provide a new name for used before during the import. So new database HRMDB. Click on the Next >> button.
    • Information for the deployment. Then confirm the Summary page. If it is all correct, Click the Finish button.
    • When completed successfully, Click on the Close button to exit the Deploy database wizard.

    3.Validate the New Azure SQL Database is Online

    You can confirm now that the new database has been created in the Azure SQL Server. In the SSMS navigate to the SQL Azure instance.
    And in the Microsoft Azure Portal validate by checking in the Azure SQL Server.

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