Making a Smooth Transition to Affinity in Covington.

This was the full meal deal! We helped our beautiful client who was ready to move from her house in Kent of 35 years to Affinity 55+ in Covington. We provided an Estate Dispersal, cleanout, pack , unpack and settle in. Once completed, we turned the empty house over to the realtor for staging and the home sold right after it went on the market! This was a challenging and rewarding 4 week job! We feel so very blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time with our client and her beautiful daughters while taking the burden of such a big move off their shoulders!

Daughter eases a stressful move with a Smooth Transition to Shag in Kent.

When an normally independent parent experiences unexpected, rapid memory decline their world can quickly turn upside down catching many adult children off guard. Such was the experience of this client who lives a long distance from her father. We were able to quickly step in, sort and salvage some belongings and get this wonderful man moved and settled into a new healthy environment so his daughter could solely focus on getting him the assistance he needs. God moved mountains and angels gathered for this transition. I'm truly blessed to have been part of this journey.    

Helping a daughter with a Smooth Transition, eliminating accumulated clutter and getting her parents house on the market. 

This client had done a phenomenal job of getting her mother moved to a great community in Gig Harbor however she faced the overwhelming task of getting rid of 50 plus years of stuff in every room including the basement and garage of her parents home. Working together we cleaned out every space in two days so she could take advantage of the hot real-estate market in Renton. It was such a pleasure working alongside this amazing and resilient daughter and helping her close that chapter in her mothers life.

Downsizing Mom with a Smooth Transition to an Assisted Living Studio.

I had a great time downsizing and transitioning this lovely lady from a 2 bedroom apartment at Affinity active lifestyle community in Olympia to Artesian Place assisted living in Olympia!  

A Smooth Transition moving a family member from Independent living to Memory Care.       

Started out 2018 doing another Smooth Transition hospital discharge to memory care @Madrona Park in Federal Way. This gentleman's family lives in Mexico and they were very stressed trying to figure out how to deal with all of the details of moving him from his current residence in Renton to Madrona Park in Federal Way. Luckily we were ready for the job! All of his belongings were sorted, inventoried and packed. We identified his immediate necessities which were cleaned and moved to the new location. The previous apartment cleaned out and ready for turn over to the community. His new space set up with familiar belongings including a custom memory photo collage!    

Helping a Madrona Park Federal Way resident with a Smooth Transition into Memory Care.

Madrona Park Assisted Living + Memory Care in Federal Way had a new resident that was transitioning from a hospital stay into assisted living. He previously had been living in a cluttered mess, confused and in need of moving to a safe community that could care for him. I was so very blessed to have the opportunity to work on this special project. I was able to sort through his old home for salvageable items, learn about his history and stories, provide personal shopping and re-create a new living environment that included personal mementos to stimulate his memories. While I may never meet the stranger I came to know, he holds a very special place in my heart. 

Helping Daughters with a Smooth Transition from Assisted Living to Private Care. 

When it's time to move a parent into private memory care, the last thing you want to deal with is cleaning out their apartment and dealing with belongings no longer needed. These two daughters were already overwhelmed with their mothers rapid memory decline and exhausted with the aspects of getting her moved to specialized care. They gladly turned over the job of cleaning out her apartment at Merrill Gardens Renton location so they could focus their energy on mom's transition.